Friday, April 10, 2009

I decided to start putting out postcard sets by photographers/friends/artists that I really love. Especially those who will never have their "work" published because that's not something they are trying to do or not a priority. All money that comes in from the sale of these cards will go in to the next set being printed.

SET #1 is by a friend and photographer, WILL KINSER. I love his photos, the live ones and the portraits so we did a variety. Photos of Pisschrist from Australia, Fy Fan from Sweden, friends goofing off, Lena looking beautiful and a classic PUNX! photo (reminds me of the old "London" postcards with Punx on it).
Thanks WILL!!!
Please support this project!
(Includes shipping in the US)


Blogger Ika said...

Oh this is so kewl!
I know that Will also DJing, but I never know that he's such an awesome photographer.We almost meet up when Born/Dead is about to touring Indonesia, but unfortunately it's been canceled. We had a chance to chat one through YM:D

I will love to buy this soon I have the money. Thanks for distribute them, Chrissy!



6:21 AM  
Blogger fauxsure said...

Have you seen/heard of this project

mail is rad.

10:41 PM  

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