Monday, December 08, 2008

Couple, NYC.

I was so happy to see these two walking hand in hand for blocks and blocks that I had to make a photo of it. I've been in love before and will be in love again I'm sure(how's that for positivity?). Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm wherever you may be. Rumor has it it's pretty cold out East. Hmmm, it's going to be 55 in LA tonight!!! That's kind of cold?

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Blogger kenzaloo said...

it's fucking cold.
i hope i fall in love again.
i love your positivity. it's spreading-ish.

11:27 AM  
Blogger vantiani said...

And I have the postcard of this picture on my office desk:)

Thank you so much Chrissy!


1:09 AM  
Blogger P.S Don't Write said...

looking at this makes me wonder what its like to love someone for that long.

hopefully, one day I'll know what it's like...

2:35 PM  

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