Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi! So, I guess it's time to get serious about this blog. I've had it forever but have stuck to doing things on Myspace and (as of today) Facebook. SO, here's my blog, getting a new start.

Photo wise, there has been a ton going on over the last few months... Heading to Tulum, Mexico next week for another shoot with Free People. Looking forward to seeing all of them as well as the Mayan Ruins I've heard so much about! Working hard on another issue of THREE RECORDS zine in which I have friends name Three records that have changed or inspired their lives.

Hmmm, here's a little interview that Matt Rubin over at did with me!


While on the subject, here's another interview that I did with the wonderful folks over at Def Jux records. Lots of talk of photography and Aesop Rock. Two great things.



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